Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feeling My Age.....Sort Of...and Bed Wars

I don't physically feel that old.
Just some days I mentally feel old.
When I hear *my* music being called "golden oldies" or "classic rock", etc.
When I see reports on what kids are being taught in schools....and NOT being taught. (cursive, anyone?)
When I see furniture styles that I grew up with being called *retro* or *mid-century*. (ACK!)
When I realize that at least half the products I grew up knowing as *household names* no longer exist.
Just been a bad couple of weeks for feeling/realizing this.
I'll get over it....
Baby, our terrier mix, has been more and more insistent on telling us (and the Darlin' Man in particular) that the big bed is HERS, always has been HERS and always will be HERS and she is only (but generously) allowing us to share it.
Typical night here, Baby goes to bed when I do. Usually that is before the Darlin' Man goes to bed. (I get up before he does, so I usually turn in before he does)
Baby settles herself dead center on the bed.
Darlin' Man comes to bed....and then the trouble starts....
Baby, scoot over!
Low growl.
Baby, I mean it, move over!
Grumble, grumble, doggie sigh.
Get your paws outta my butt!
Much muttering in doggie talk and Baby rolls over.
Baby! Get down by my feet! You are drooling on my leg!
Uft...sigh...grumble...Baby rearranges herself and rumples up the sheets to her satisfaction.

Pause in the general grumbling from both parties for perhaps 20 minutes...the Darlin' Man starts to softly snore, then Baby stealthily belly crawls up the length of the bed and snuggles down between us.
The Darlin' Man rolls over in his sleep and goes to put an arm around me...Baby growls louder. Darlin' Man wakes up (a little) and begins to grumble.
Baby, you can't sleep there! Pillows are for PEOPLE! Now get off!
Outright SNARL.
That's it! Off the bed! Shoo! (Darlin' Man firmly grabs Baby and places her on the floor) Here's a pillow, now HUSH!
Quiet reigns and I drift off to sleep. Sometime in the wee hours, I am aware of Baby scrambling back on the bed.
We wake up in the morning with Baby sleeping soundly between us, half curled around the Darlin' Mans head. She looks triumphant.
Only picture of Baby I could find right off. Yes, she is little. But there's a lot of dog in that small package!


  1. It's not just you hun. Having a teenager in the house I get those little things pointed out to me daily.
    On a funny note, I was listening to some old Hank Williams & realized 99% of my grandparents sayings came from his songs.
    Made me feel kinda young again :D
    As for Baby, I feel for you. Of course we have that problem with cats instead of dogs.
    We've quit trying to get Spot to come to bed with us as half the time we're scared she'll fall off & hurt herself.
    Talk about getting old...

  2. I have to laugh when you described going to bed and the dog decides she's going to dominate the bed. We have two Chihuahua's, only one sleeps in bed with us, the other in a crate. The one that sleeps in bed is very vocal when you want to move around in bed, especially if he's leaning against you while sleeping.

    1. What gets me is that Baby is soooo little! She weighs maybe 15 pounds on a good day.
      Yet, she can make two full grown humans rearrange themselves for HER comfort!

  3. My husband and I went "antique" window shopping a couple years ago and I saw so many things that my mother had used in her kitchen that it gave me a funny feeling. Either I'm old or the definition of antique has gotten a lot younger.

    1. I know what you're saying! I am 56...that's *classic*, NOT *antique* in my opinion! Yet, I see in stuff in antique shops that I grew up with...and many items that I bought new when I was in my early 20s !

  4. there is a difference between getting old and aging like fine wine, baby! consider yourself mature. works for me. the rat

  5. I too was born in 1959 and I am 56 this year too. (Jan. 11). I was in an elevator a couple of years ago in L.A. and "Satisfaction" was playing on the Muzak system on the elevator! I know exactly how you feel.


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