Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good News, Everyone! and Bad News, Everyone!

The Darlin' Mans retirement papers have finally been approved! We can see a tiny wavering light at the end of a very long tunnel finally!  Come November he will be done, done, DONE! Between now and then, he has to go to some classes, get medical reports filed for his disability and get the rest of his paperwork for various things completed.
We are relieved and anxious and happy and full of anticipation for the future.
Bad news...
Yesterday evening I found Ugly Betty dead. It looked like she blew out her oviduct.I found her in the little coop I built for her and her kids. Yesterday morning she was fine.
Betty the first time I saw her...hence her name. In full molt and looking quite bedraggled and sad.
I had scant hopes for her then, but she won me over with her determined attitude and mother hen skills.

Betty, feathered out and looking good.
She set and raised clutches of eggs and was an attentive mother.
We have some of her *kids* still, Inky, Bo, and her new ones, Cinder and Ash.
Goodbye Betty, we will miss you!


  1. Congrats on the retirement going through, but so sorry to hear about Betty.
    Hopefully everything goes smoother with the moving plans.

  2. I am so sorry about Betty. This happened to us here with one of the hens in the last year. I hate losing them !
    Congratulations on the impending retirement !

  3. Lamb,

    Congratulations to your man on his retirement. Hopefully the rest of the paperwork will go smoothly so you can get to you future plans.

    I'm sorry to hear about Ugly Betty. Are the babies okay?

  4. Glad the retirement stuff is going well. Time for plans to take flight!

    Sorry to hear about Ugly Betty, glad she hatched out some chicks for you that you still have to remind you of her though. Life goes on :)


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