Saturday, May 11, 2013

Surprised Again!

Remember Nugget?
We thought we had lost her, then she came back.
She would spend a few minutes here and there and then disappear again to who-knows-where.
Well, she showed up again...but not alone!

Nugget is a momma!
She appeared with 10 little chicks, but we were only able to catch 9 of them. We put her in the old hutch that Ugly Betty and her chicks were in, which meant we had to put Betty and her chicks somewhere else. We temporarily put them in with our new ducks...but then one of the chicks drowned in the ducks wading pool.
So, we built Betty and her two remaining babies their own little coop with a small house so they can have shade and get out of bad weather. Betty was so pleased, when my son had just finished attaching the gate to the pen, she walked her chicks up and marched right in!

So, our flock has almost doubled! Nugget is being a very good momma. She makes sure her  wee chicks eat plenty of the chick starter and the treats we give her, clucks to get them over to the waterer and fluffs out her feathers and snuggles them all down at night to keep them warm.

I guess that explains Nuggets prolonged absence!


  1. Nugget wanted to surprise you with additional little nuggets, how sweet!

  2. What a WONDERFUL surprise! Ain't nature grand?

  3. "Nugget the Movie", and now the sequel "The Return of Nugget!"

  4. I hope you have a wonderful day! the rat

  5. At one time, birds held no interest. Now, after raising birds - even feeding them with an eyedropper - I'm enamored with the tenacity and beauty.

  6. That is such a sweet story, except for the chick drowning. Did you ever catch the tenth chick? I wish I could have a separate place for a hen and chicks or a sick or bullied hen. I have the supplies but cannot build due to injuries. Nice post.

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