Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Things Eat Up SO Much Time!

Tabatha, still growing!

Mason, 1 day old!


Another shot of Mason


One of Betty's chicks!

Roxy Blue (I named the only girl!)


Tabatha....trying to look as small and cute as possible!

Betty, in her private coop, protecting a chick from my camera!

New bunnies they are liable to do when you have adult bunnies

Another one of Betty's chicks!
So, as you can see, Spring has busted out all over!
Betty hatched 3 chicks. Until we know the genders, we are just calling them "Huey, Dewey and Louie" for now.
Betty has taken up quarters in the old, small bunny hutch as a "private coop" as the the other chickens would try to eat her hatchlings if they were left in the general population.

Baby had 5 puppies. Four boys, 1 girl. I named the girl Roxy Blue. The other pups were named by The Girl.
I think the daddy is a little long haired chihuahua up the street.

Our bunny Skillet and her mate T-Bone, became the proud parents of a litter of baby bunnies. I have no clue as to the genders. There are 7 of them...but I have kept it "hands off" so Skillet won't reject them.

We had a severe wind/sand storm about a week ago and one of our peahens died. The others seemed fine, but she was almost dead when I found her, I tried nursing her back to health....but she finally gasped her last after a couple days. About an hour after she died, a strange peacock showed up in the yard!
There he is! On top of the alpaca pen!

Well, after a couple of days of chasing him around the yard, my son finally caught him!
He is now in a pen with one of our peahens, and is quite happy having a ladylove all to himself.
The Darlin' Man has named him ....ahem..."Strange Dick". The less I comment about his reasons for that name, the better.

We had a severe wind/sand storm a couple of days ago and ever since, we have not been able to find our pet chicken, Nugget. Even the neighbors have been looking for her. She has charmed all our neighbors with her demanding attitude. She knocks on doors demanding scraps. If it is cold, she usually comes up on our porch and snuggles up to a hot water pipe near the front door. I hope a coyote or hawk hasn't found her.


  1. Cute little critters, what's not to love :) Sorry you lost your hen, maybe she'll come back...

  2. Have you ever read "The Egg and I" by Betty McDonald? I think you'd like it. (The movie by the same name is not nearly as fun as the book.) Betty tells about her experiences on a chicken farm in the late twenties. She talks about spring when all the baby animals are born, including her first daughter. Her sense of humor is priceless. Thanks for sharing all the pics, just wonderful.

  3. Lamb,

    Adorable pictures of your new little babes.

    I'm sorry to hear about your peahen. Obviously mother nature had other plans. One peahen passing, a new peacocks arrival.

    I hope you find your pet chicken Nugget, she sounds like a little ham.


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