Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 * 21 * 2012 The Elephant in the Room

A couple of folks have dropped me an email or two asking what I think of the "Mayan Doomsday" scheduled, supposedly, for the 21st.
I really don't have much of an insight here, folks! I think on the 21st, we will see or hear of a lot of idiots doing some very stupid and foolish things. Some of the idiots may harm themselves or others doing said foolish things in some twisted belief that what they are doing will somehow *save* them or loved ones from the "Doomsday", or at least spare them the pain of enduring it.
I think some foolish people have sold their future financial well being to buy over priced bunkers and supplies. Some of them will hang on to their stuff for when it gets really bad, others will compound their foolishness by selling their supplies at fire sale prices.
On the 21st I will be baking cookies to hang on the tree.
My heart hangs heavy because of the recent tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Perhaps this IS the end of the world, or perhaps it already ended...and we are just sitting here among the ashes, deluding ourselves into believing that the end is yet to come.
I want to believe that people are generally good, but every day, I find fewer reasons to feel that way.
Everything just seems broken. Broken in a way that can not be repaired. Can't be repaired by education or religion or medicine or by thinking positive thoughts. Just damn broken.
We put armed guards in museums, but not in schools to protect our children.
We pump vaccinations with known dangerous ingredients into infants, refuse to allow parents to discipline their children and dose them with psychotropic drugs when they "act out" by not being compliant at the local "government indoctrination center"...errrrm...school.
We eat foods that are pumped through and through with petro-chemicals, hormones, drugs, altered DNA and then wonder why so many of our children have psychiatric disorders and serious life-threatening illnesses.
My late father once told me that he believed we owe our children three things....
Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance and to teach them to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.
By not providing our children with pure water and pure food...unaltered by the swill of the chemical cocktail that inundates corporate agriculture these days, we are handicapping our children and taking from them the ability to think for themselves, as all that chemical crap is known to cause changes in brain functions.

So, there's where my head is today.


  1. O.k. maybe your advanced enough in your preps to feed the elephant- and maybe its an Indian Elephant so it brings the karma with it.

    But what is with the pink living room?

    1. It's a GIRL elephant, and if she wants a pink living room, by golly, she can have a pink living room!

  2. You father was a wise man!

    And I think you're on to an idea here.....we should all join up and do a End of The World Cookie Baking Day on the 21st!!

    I mean, come on, if the world IS going to end, I want to have a cookie in my maw!!

    1. I am calling it Apocalypse Cookie Day, but , yup, I am encouraging everyone to bake some cookies on the 21st...post about that tomorrow!


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