Friday, October 5, 2012

More Pictures and Questions

First, the pictures!
4 of the 6 new turkeys

Long view of the turkeys

Gotta admit, they are pretty!

Inky, Ugly Betty's other chick.

I think Inky is rather elegant looking. She and her sister Bo have steadfastly refused to join our small flock of chickens. They wander the yard together, scratch and peck together, eat together and sleep together on top of one of the feed barrels. If I go out on the patio and sit down, both will scamper over and jump up in my lap! They both like to be petted and make little chirring sounds when I pet them. They let me pet them and my son can pet them as well, but they don't let anyone else get close enough to pet them.

The turkeys, as you can see, are mostly toms. Four toms, Two hens. We already had Trixie and Tinkerbelle, so now we have an equal mix of male and females...until Thanksgiving!
Yes, we will be butchering at least one of the toms for Thanksgiving....probably THREE of them. Several of the Darlin' Mans coworkers have expressed an interest in learning how to butcher their own turkey for Thanksgiving, so we may have a class.

Now...a couple of questions...
We received as a gift a HUGE bag of dried chili peppers. I whirled some up in the blender to make dried red pepper flakes for my pantry, but I still have LOTS left over.
Any suggestions on what else I can do with them?

Other question:
I like to make as much as I can from scratch. One thing I have NEVER successfully been able to make from scratch is Graham Crackers. I have tried several recipes over the years and none of them worked quite right.
If you have a recipe that works...please let me know or post it on your own blog or in the comments. I don't think I am the only person looking for such a recipe!
Thanks a lot!

Oh, for those wondering...The Darlin' Man's health issue is being addressed. He has a few spots of skin cancer and went this past week for surgery. It caused him a lot of pain (9 stitches!), but he is recovering well. The doctor said they got it all. One more place to remove and all should be well!


  1. Lamb,
    Those are some pretty nice turkeys. They would make for a fabulous turkey dinner.
    How about rehydrating a few peppers and making a jam, something that can be served over a cream cheese. Alot of people use chile jam over cream cheese for the holidays served up with crackers or bread.
    Another suggestion, chile oil. Put olive oil in a large jar with chiles for several weeks and wala, you have chile oil.
    I know, silly but they were just thoughts.

    1. I am going to try rehydrating them to see if I can make some of that chili jam! Already started on some chili oil and thinking about doing an herb vinegar with chilis in it, too.

  2. One of the males is a Broad-Breasted Bronze,(the one with his tail facing the camera. The Rusty Red one is a Bourbon Red. The white one is a Royal Palm but with something else mixed in.These large breasted Turkeys can't breed on their own. Thanksgiving is a great way to use them.

  3. This is the recipe that I use for Graham Crackers. I predominately use them for crust for Key Lime pie and Cheesecakes. They do taste really great. I also make lemon-shortbread cookies to grind up for A baked Cheesecake that takes 3 hours to bake. It is an all day affair.

    1. OOooooOOOoo...looks like a good recipe! Thanks so much.
      I make cheesecake, too, but not very often. Takes all day and these days the ingredients are so expensive. Also...not really good for my diet.

  4. Haloween is right around the corner. There will be a lot of smashed pumpkins all over.

  5. A diet high in nitrilocides, aka vitamin B17 can help protect against cancer. Eat apple seeds when you eat your apples. Also the seeds of pears, apricots, cherries, nectarines, plums, prunes, are rich in B17. Buckwheat, blackberries, boysenberries, choke cherry, wild cranberries, raspberries, currants, huckleberries, squash seeds, cashews, bitter almonds, macadamia nuts, alfalfa sprouts, and black beans, black eyed peas, fava beans, garbanzo beans, green peas, kidney beans, lentils lima beans, mung beans, and spinach and sweet potatoes and yams are all excellent sources of nitrilocides. There's more, but I didn't want to be too dory with listing every single one of them. There have been studies where vitamin B17 actually killed cancer cells on contact. Have him eat a diet rich in these foods every day to protect against it recurring. So, when you eat an apple, eat the core as well. :)


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