Friday, August 10, 2012

Still Here...Computer Still Belly Up

My computer is still belly up, I haven't gotten the restore disc yet. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I can't stand this wee laptop.
No excuse for not posting, though.
Updates on Frippery Farm:
Betty the chicken and her chicks were relocated to the back yard some weeks ago. They had gotten too big to stay on the front porch and anytime the door was opened they ran into the kitchen! After being in the backyard for a couple of weeks, Betty decided the kids were grown enough to be on their own and rejoined the other chickens in the coop. The kids were doing fine, until Roy brought over a new batch of chickens. They had MITES! We lost 3 chickens, one of them Peep, the wee rooster Betty hatched.  We are battling the mites the best we can, but unless Roy treats HIS chickens, I am afraid we will continue to have issues. So, I am calling him in a little bit to tell him to bring over the stuff so we can *dust* them.
Roy mainly deals in birds. Chickens, pigeons, guineas, doves, peafowl, ducks, etc. That's fine. He builds his own pens and coops for them, but he needs to dust every bird THOROUGHLY before he brings it over here. We had a bit of a problem with mites over a year ago and I dusted and redusted the coops, the birds and even set up a *dust bath* for our birds in the yard. No problem since then.
We bought one of the little rams (sheep) from Roy. The Darlin' Man named him Remus. Said it was a dignified name the little guy will grow into. Roy is down to 6 goats, only two of which are bottle-fed (thank goodness!) I am well on the way to weaning those two, Desi and Angus. Cute little buggers, but it will be a relief not to have to bottle feed them anymore.

We have had rain and more rain the past month. Our front yard looks like a jungle! We put the goats out there to trim it back and then they and the sheep managed to get out of the yard and I had to herd them back in. That was an experience! I was fortunate, because all of a sudden, the dogs, who have rarely shown an interest in herding, decided to become SUPER herding dogs! They dashed out the door after me and as I was tugging on Nola's collar to lead her back, they came up behind the sheep and trotted them back into the yard with the goats. Then they chased them into their respective pens.
I was totally stunned! Happy, but stunned.
Although we have had rain, we have also had the unrelenting heat that is usual in this little corner of the world. Ugh.
Heat plus rain equals nasty humidity.
The drought continues elsewhere in the country and I do wish I could send some of this rain to others that need it more. Our hay prices have dropped and so have prices at the farmers market, etc. I just dread the price increases this fall and winter when we have to buy grain for the goats and fowl.

Well, time to feed the chickens and get them into their coop.
Hope everything is going well for everyone out there!


  1. I was wondering where you were. Glad to hear that it was nothing serious. It is finally Hot here in the Palisades. 90-95 which is really Hot for the beach.
    So, what about Jeannie- with the dark brown hair?
    You should see if Roy can get either Vulturine or Kenyan Crested Guineas. The helmeted are fine for eggs and meat, But the others are much prettier.
    When will you be going to Vermont?

  2. Lamb,

    I hate not having a computer, especially when it goes down and you have to start all over again.

    So sorry to hear your having to deal with mites on the birds. It can be a major hassle and take a long time to get rid of those little bastards.

    I would love to have some of your rain. We have only had 45 minutes of rain one day and no rain for months. Have a great evening!


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