Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorry About The Pause In Posts...

My computer decided to bite the big one last week. Along with my computer totally crashing, our modem/wifi decided on the same day to commit hari-kari.
I am posting this from The Girls wee little laptop that looks and feels like an absolute toy.

Other news in the last week. Little Tibby died. I doubt that any turkey chick anywhere had so many tears shed over it, ever. He fell into his water dish and got chilled and went into shock. I found him still alive and dried him off, but the damage was done. I held him in my hands and warmed him up, but even though he rallied for a bit, he was too far gone to fully recover. He chirped a few times, relaxed in the warmth of my hands, snuggled down and died. I buried him out in the flower bed in front of the house. The Girl cried herself to sleep that night and I cried over Tibby's loss as well. Such a sweet, personable little bird! We miss him.

We got a call from Roy, a young man that is the Darlin' Man's "animal connection" at the feed store. Roy lives in a one bedroom apartment with his lovely girlfriend. Roy is also a frustrated farmer. He called sounding quite desperate. Seems he had "a few animals" in his apartment and one of his neighbors heard the critters and he was being threatened with eviction. Could we PLEASE take his animals...temporarily, of course, until he could sell or trade them or find a more permanent place for them?
One bedroom apartment?, I figured. I mean, how many animals could that be?
2 ducks
35 chickens (mainly half grown roosters)
2 puppies (dacshound type, 6 weeks old)
1 three week old male goat

And he had been keeping them ALL in one walk in closet!
The wee goat was obviously taken from it's mama too soon. They were bottle feeding him water and feeding him alfalfa hay. He had scours...BAD. (For those of you that don't know what scours is, think explosive diarrhea!) So, I immediately put the little cuss on goats milk and his scours are clearing up gradually.
We only kept the pups and the ducks for two days and then they were off to their new owners. (whew!)
12 of the larger roosters are gone now.
He had already sold the wee goat, but the new owner has not picked it up and he can't get a hold of the guy. I figure by the time the guy shows up for him, the little buck will be over his scours. I hope so, anyway.
 We have worked out a deal with Roy for the upkeep on the critters and he has brought over food for them. Roy's girlfriend, looking very relieved, told me she got the apartment cleaned, including steam cleaning the carpets (which I suspect they REALLY needed).

So, that's what is going on right now...I am mourning a turkey chick, nursing a buckling back to health (we call him Buddy and he follows me around constantly) and listening to a bunch of adolescent roosters attempt to crow. (Quite funny to hear!)
 My posting will be a little haphazard until I either get a new computer or get my old fixed and we get the new modem/wifi thingie. (Currently, we are piggy-backing on a neighbors wifi with their permission)
Hope all there are doing well!


  1. Sounds like you're having quite the time of it.
    So sorry to hear about Tibby, & so nice of you help out your friend.
    I wonder how long he's had all those animals in his apartment & his neighbors just now noticed? Sounds like the animals will be much happier in new homes with room to roam around.

  2. Oh my, WHAT was that guy thinking????!!!

    Glad you were able to help him out, although honestly, I wonder if he'll have any similar problems even when / if he gets a place of his own.

    Sorry to hear about your turkey poult. We just hatched out our first two turkeys a few weeks ago (although I did give them away) and they were really much different than chicken chicks. I'd like to try and hatch more turkeys one day when time / finances allow it.

    Little roosters crowing remind me of the sound of those cheepie party horns they give out at new years!


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