Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well, That Didn't Last Long....

The sunshine this morning? All gone.
That weather front moving across the country apparently snuck in just enough to bring us a windstorm...which equals a sandstorm here.
Check it out:
Yes, the sky is BROWN.

Looking down the street. Normally there are mountains in view!

So, I am battening down the hatches here to ride it out!Take care everyone in the storms path!


  1. Storms hit the Mohave last night. been a long time since I saw rain and wind like that. You guys take care, weather ain't nothing to fool with.

    love ya guys.

    the rat

    1. Wind finally died down. Temp dropped about 20-30 degrees during the sandstorm. Goats are freaked out a bit, but are calming since the wind slacked up.
      Desert weather can kick your ass, that's for sure!

  2. How crazy! Those photos definitely look very strange.

  3. i am worried about all of my blogging friends out there in these storms paths - yikes! stay safe and keep those hatches battened!

    your friend,


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