Monday, April 23, 2012

Sold Max yesterday morning. YAY! The buyer is also interested in buying Gerte and Molly at a later date.
Also gave the guy a goat milking class and he did well.
I INTENDED to show him the "good, the bad and the ugly" of goat milking.
So, I started out with Champagne, who is a perfect lady when it comes to being milked. She trots over, gets in the milking stand and behaves like a perfect angel. As she always does.
So, there's the "good".
Yes, I am a GOOD goat!

Next, I get Lily. Lily, who I normally have to drag kicking and literally screaming onto the milking stand and have to have someone help me with so she doesn't kick or lay down, etc. She was going to be the "bad".
Lily trots up to the milking stand, hops up and is absolutely calm throughout the milking! Even with a stranger milking her! WTF!?
Fooled you! I was an angel in the milking stand!

Well, damn.
So, I go get Molly...the "ugly" on a NORMAL day. She has kicked me in the face, kicked the milk pail over, etc. Usually frickin' close to a rodeo when I milk her.
Nope. She is placid. Does not bat an eyelash, just hops up on the milking stand and cooperates in a manner she has never done.
Sweet, innocent ME?!? I would NEVER cause a problem!

ALL the goats acted like perfect angels!
Made me look just a little more of an idiot than usual.

I am thinking about giving goat milking and goat tending lessons. I am going to charge for giving lessons, but not too sure about how much to charge.
I figure I will only have up to 3 students per session. Saturday mornings....about 2 hours long. Each student can leave with a quart of milk that they milked maybe?
My son thinks $30.00 would be fair.
Besides the actual mechanics of milking, I would include :
Udder Care
Basic Hoof Care
Basic Feeding and Care of the goats.
When and How to Wean
What do you think?
Is thirty dollars for a two hour clinic/class fair?
Too high?
Too low?
I am horrible about pricing things, I usually under-price. But, I am afraid if I over price, no one will respond.
Help me out, much do you think I should charge for this!


  1. sounds like my kids, sorry bad pun. Run wild at home but great when out and about. $30 sounds good. I was thinking $20.

  2. $30 sounds fair to me for everything you're talking about doing. I checked online & that sounds just about right.
    Good luck.
    As far as your goats, they're being typical kids, they always behave better with company :D

  3. I am in TN... this local goat farm has a workshop for $175.00 for the day 9am -4.30pm, so about $20.00 an hour is about right. Here is their website.
    Good luck!

  4. I think that $30 for two hours is a very fair price. And if you get a LOT of people interested then I'd even up it 5 bucks. I would have paid $30 (or even a bit more) if somebody did that here before we got our goats.

  5. it sounds fair. don't forget you are supplying all the materials, including the jar to take the milk home in. :) just promote it that way: all supplies included. If you do a little bag balm lotion, up your price. :)

    not sure if you need that for goats.

  6. Lamb,

    With the 2 hour training on milking and Udder Care
    Basic Hoof Care
    Basic Feeding and Care of the goats.
    When and How to Wean
    I would say charge $50.00 however, since your West of El Paso, TX, I would go with $40.00 due to the fact your in this part of the country.

  7. I think I would be wondering what I was doing wrong with those goats that usually act bad. Maybe you should take a, I'm just kidding. I think $30 is fine. I would take the class if you were nearby but you are many, many hours from GA.

    1. I thought maybe I had somehow treated them differently or maybe they were behaving because strangers were there. But, n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, they behaved like angels again this morning. Maybe since they behaved twice, they'll continue to do so!

  8. i agree - $30 sounds very fair. and as one commentor already said - once word of you spreads and you start getting more interest - up the price. i think that for what you will be teaching $40-$50 is a good price. but based on your location, it might be a little too pricey for starting off with.

    your friend,

  9. I don't have any idea what to suggest as a price but I can say I'd gladly pay $30 for all of that, so it sounds on point to me.


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