Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Wednesday, More Weirdness

I like doing Wednesday Weirdness.

Here's a couple more things weird about me:

1) I am allergic to country music.
Seriously. Don't laugh. I get migraines, then I throw up and feel horrible for hours.It grates on my nerves. For days after having to listen to it, I am cranky and out of sorts.I once quit a job because the management changed the Muzak from easy listening/soft rock to nasty country mixed with equally noxious country gospel music. UGH! I tried for about a week, but it was too damn much.
When I was younger and living in a 2nd floor apt., I had a room mate. He was an okay kinda guy, but he liked country music. Since only MY name was on the lease and I paid 75% of the rent, I told him he could listen to his vile music his room...wearing headphones. I came home from work one day and he was blasting some country music on my stereo. In the living room. I did what any reasonable person would do. I opened a window and tossed the stereo out.
Hey! It was MY stereo. And he had defiled it by putting that nasty music on it! Besides, I had a new stereo on lay-away. (But my room mate didn't know that).
In case you think I am the "odd man (or woman) out", not so. Three of my sons, an ex husband, my mom and a couple of friends are the same. Country music literally makes us ill. Most of us like rock, jazz, classical, Celtic (I know, country music from another country), trance, metal, etc. But country music is absolutely banned in our homes, cars, etc.

2) I would rather deal with pain than take a pain-killer. I can't stand the *fuzzy* way my head feels when I take them. I have had some serious injuries/accidents in my life, but turned down pain killers offered by doctors for injuries. Also, most of them make me a little nauseous. Strongest pain killer I take is usually aspirin. I won't take Tylenol. I know it was originally created to be a rat poison. Besides, the few times in my life I have taken it, it knocked me out. Most OTC meds knock me out. Cough syrups, sinus meds, Tylenol, darn near all of them send me into a mild sleep coma. So, I just avoid them OR substitute something natural. (Ginger & honey mix for coughs, etc.).

That's my weird stuff for the day.
In other news...
I am planning on rearranging a few things outside for the summer.
I think I am going to turn the milking does pen into my milking parlor, freeing up the patio for more patio type activities. I'll take a few pictures of the before and after and maybe the process of changing over. It makes sense to me to do this, as I can store hay and feed in the goat house there as well. We'll see how it goes!

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  1. I don't like taking pain meds either. I try to get rid of the source of pain or just endure it. I ask "am I dehydrated?" "sleep deprived?" "tense?" "sore from a workout?" I gave birth four times with no meds (our daughter was our first and I had a horrible time with an epidural and sworn I'd never go through that again) and can endure pretty bad pain. I think people medicate themselves to death--literally.
    Sorry you don't like country music, I remember not to play any if you come to visit! I'll put on all my Celtic cds.


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