Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Romance for Valentines Day

Meet Timothy:
Timothy was lonely. He lived in a pen all by himself on a small farm that had no other turkeys.
One day, a man came by the small farm and bought Timothy. He put Timothy in a large box, put the box in a car and drove for a long time (or so it seemed to Timothy, as he was shut up in a box and couldn't see where he was going!)
Finally, the man let him out of the box into a pen. In the pen there were goats! Big goats, little goats, all kinds of goats!
From Timothys' point of view, this was NOT a Good Thing.
No other turkeys to talk to, no lady turkeys to romance.
Timothy sighed and watched the sun set, while avoiding the head butts of the baby goats.
Soon it was dark, and Timothy got a Grand Idea!
This pen had no top to it...and he had very strong wings!
He could fly out and find some turkey friends all on his own!
Timothy stretched out his wings, flapped and jumped! He was on the top of the pen! Away from the goats, he looked around, trying to decide to the best direction to head off to in his search. Before he could make up his mind, he heard loud noises, and bright lights flashed across the pen.
A strange creature, with fuzzy feet and a long gown grabbed him! He flapped and struggled and did his best to get away, but he was caught. Timothy, much to his embarrassment, panicked and when he got that excited and panicked, he did what turkeys do. He pooped.
This made the strange creature that captured him erupt in a cacophony of even louder noise, which made Timothy panic more, which, unfortunately made him poop more.
He was carried to a new pen and tossed in. The gate was slammed shut, and as the creature (and its' noise) retreated into the night, he looked around this pen.
No turkeys.
There were two wildly feathered birds, a rooster and a small black chicken.

But no turkeys.
There was also a roof, so no chance for escape.
Timothy huddled in the corner and went to sleep, feeling lonelier than ever.
 The next morning, the man came and started hammering and sawing and doing all sorts of things next to the goat pen. Timothy enjoyed the breakfast that was brought to him, although the other birds shoved him out of the way to eat. They were so rude to him!
Finally all the hammering and sawing stopped and the man came and got Timothy and put him in a pen.
His OWN pen! It had a roof, so no exploring, but he didn't have to worry about goats or other birds bothering him.
Timothy was still lonely, though.
That afternoon, he heard the mans car and the man came back to his pen and opened the gate.
Into the pen, he put....a turkey!
And not just any turkey...it was a GIRL turkey!
A LOVELY girl turkey! Her name was Trixie and she had been lonely for a long time, too. The farm that she was from was just up the road and had several turkeys, but she had been the smallest. Because of that, Trixie had been bullied by some of the bigger turkeys and had even had one eye pecked out when she was smaller!
Timothy didn't mind. He was so happy to see Trixie that he did what all boy turkeys do when they see a lovely girl turkey.
He fluffed up all his feathers, fanned his tail out and strutted around the pen to show Trixie how handsome he was.
Trixie was impressed! Yes, his tail was a bit bedraggled, but in her eyes, Timothy was a perfectly handsome turkey!
As the days went on, they grew closer...and finally, Trixie laid eggs! Of course, the strange creature that had screeched at Timothy his first night here, came and gathered the eggs, but Trixie knew there would be more eggs to come.
Timothy and Trixie were lonely no more...they had each other!

The only thing that confused Timothy and Trixie was why did everyone say the same word while looking at them.....
What was this "Thanksgiving" they kept talking about?


  1. Wonderful story. Would it be better to raise the chicks and keep T&T around??

  2. Yay for Timothy! I was cheering for him the whole time. Edge of my seat drama and a beautiful love story. I couldn't do better if I had a TV. Thanks for sharing and Timothy is in good hands now.

  3. That would make a wonderful children's book. Of course laeve out the Thanksgiving part :)


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