Friday, December 23, 2011

Surprise This Morning!

Look out my back door!

Yes, we have SNOW!!!
It started around 6:30am and has been coming down steadily since. The kids are thrilled, as it is supposed to stay cold all White Christmas for us!

Other news this morning....
Patches and Geordi left Frippery Farm this morning...headed to the Houston area.
A co-worker of the Darlin' Man wanted a couple of goats to give his father-in-law for Christmas.
The Darlin' Man made the deal, came home from work last night and told me (!) and this morning, before the sun came up, we loaded Patches and Geordi up for their trip.
I will miss goofy little Patches...

But even more...I will miss Geordi!

I helped load them up and made sure Geordi had his favorite snacks...bananas and cookies.
I petted them both....making sure I scratched Patches right under her chin...she loved that!
The little farm they are going to is 4 acres of lush green grass and plenty of bushes for them to browse. They'll be treated as fear of getting butchered. Patches won't even be milked! Just petted and given lots of good food and browsing.
I am happy we found such a good home for them...
Still, I cried. Geordi was special. We called him our "Homie". He is an affectionate little guy and loves his people!
Patches was such a goofy little goat. Not a good milker,but she was a good mama. She loved her sweet feed and getting her chin scratched would put her in a total state of bliss.
I cried over Patches, too.
I made sure they knew how to take care of her, as she is due to kid Dec 30th...although with the stress of the move, she may deliver sooner! We made sure they had some sweet feed and alfalfa hay, as well as some favorite snacks...the bananas for Geordi and sugar cookies and gingerbread for both. A couple of cut up apples for Patches.
Good luck Patches and Geordi....may you have happy lives in your new home!

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  1. What a wonderful surprise to have a White Christmas!!!! Especially in your neck of the woods!
    I know you will miss your "babies" but it's so nice that they are going to their own little "Goat Haven"
    Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine!!!!


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