Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some Links and Reviews

Some of the main gifts given around my house were books...lots and lots of books!
I gave the Darlin' Man a book of short stories called A Land of Ash compiled and edited by David Dalglish.
Of course I read it, too!
It is different authors take on the blow-out of the Yellowstone Caldera. The authors are mainly sci-fi and fantasy writers.
No rainbows, roses and sunshine here...all the stories are as dark as the ash that covers the land in most of the stories.
But it is good. Very good.
It is a small book, only 123 pages, but all the stories carry weight. I highly recommend it, especially if all the apocalyptic fiction you have found features heroic guys mowing down hordes of bad guys with a machine gun they had kept concealed since the 1950s, and full bosomed tiny waisted women that are dead shots and perfect in every way.
The people in these stories are flawed, as we all are.
Cool website alert!
The Union Creek Journal is a novel starting out online. It takes place in Nebraska after an economic and governmental collapse. Lots of prepper stuff, too!Give it a read!
Cool things for the crochet crowd and knitters out there:
Crocheted beanies for breast-fed babies How to do discreet breast-feeding 
Heh-heh. I love this idea!

Okay...some other hook and needle work for those talented folk out there:
Crochet with wire e-book .You can download for $6.26.

Well,I have to go muck out a goat pen and convince the kids,Gustav and Gerte, that it is okay that they are being weaned and that the sweet feed they happily munch on in addition to their alfalfa will make them grow big and strong (or, in Gustav's case, it will help him grow tender and tasty!)


  1. I am not sure why, but for some reason that baby wearing a hat makes me laugh!

    Thankyou for the direct on the stories. The caldera one is only 99 cents on kindle. Of course the other one is free. I linked to the free one on my page.

  2. The Land of Ash book is definitely worth the 99 cents!

  3. Thanks for the links, DH is going on his kindle right now to buy the Ash book. How can ya beat 99 cents??

  4. I changed my mind on linking on the free one. It is reminding me a little too much of the unfortunate elements Rawles, and the Author seems to be buying heavily into the hossan choir that always seems to develop around this type of story.

    There are bunch of these prepper stories out there were the amazingly deadly "good" guy goes out of his way to look for trouble. Of course in a story the person you are beating on's wife, girlfriend or daughter don't pull out a pocket pistol and shoot you in the back.

  5. Russell, I am still going to read Union Creek...I want to see where the author is going on this one.I agree, it is a bit "rawlesian", but I am hopeful that will change somewhat!
    I am just glad there are not 12 pages of weapon descriptions and technical write ups on ammunition types! (Honestly, it bores me to tears when a writer does that, aka Rawles)


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