Monday, December 5, 2011

Look What is Going on Here!

Snow on cactus? Check!
Confused goats....
Mom...MOM! What the heck is this white stuff!?
Yes, we have SNOW! Not a normal thing here in El Paso. The newer goats (Nina and Lily) are just turning a year old, so they are VERY confused and a bit distraught. Lily, pictured above, is yelling her head off. I keep telling her to just go in her house and snuggle down, but she's not having it! She wants the white stuff to stop and stop NOW! I think I'll give her a wee bit of extra sweet feed this evening. Maybe with a full tummy she will calm down a bit and get to sleep tonight, poor confused thing.


  1. I am just north of El Paso~ and yep snow. After last year I think I am less surprised, but believe me...the critters are still thinking things through!


  2. Acid rain and now Radioactive Snow!!! You're trying to KILL us!!!!!!!



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