Friday, November 25, 2011

Late Night Blogging

Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I post a blog. Sometimes I stay up on purpose to blog as I have way much to do during the day!
So, tonight, it is a little bit of each!
Today, while the turkey was roasting, I went outside and took a few pictures..
First, the new, improved and finished Goat Palace!
You can kinda see the side door here.

Front door,, there is also a side door.

Mama Gabby and the kids there, with Auntie Champagne, all looking very pleased with their new cozy quarters.

"C'mon, kids, she has that darn camera out again!"

We are also putting up sides on the Peacock Palace, but only on three sides...we have two sides up now and you can see one of the wall panels behind them...quick pic while I was watering all the animals this morning.'s Ugly Betty!
She is starting to feather out some, thank goodness! Pendar the rooster thinks she is lovely, feathers or not.
The Darlin' Man has decided we will be building a second chicken coop for Pendar, and then we will split our flock of 20 (plus two roosters) into two smaller flocks of ten. Red, our psycho rooster, will be upset, but he'll get over it.
Now we are discussing our gardening efforts for next Spring, as this years garden failed horribly. We have decided to go with a Hoop House. A big one. We are getting some like minded friends together to build it after the bad weather passes...around late January, early February. (And before you envy me my earlier than thou Springs...remember we only had 6 inches of rain this year AND temps of over 100 for almost 3 months)
I have already sent out for seed catalogs from my favorite seed folks and have started dreaming of veggies overflowing my garden.
For those of you that have hoop do the plants pollinate? Is there someway to let bees and other insect pollinators in? Is that necessary?
Thanks in advance for any hoop house advice you can give me!

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  1. Ugly Betty has a twin on the Double Nickel!!

    I love the progress! You are doing neat things here.



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