Sunday, November 27, 2011

After-effects of Thanksgiving...

Well, I boiled down the turkey carcass and picked the bones clean.
So far, we have had turkey pot pie and turkey-and-rice soup.
I had a lot of soggy skin and some chunks of fat, plus the fat I skimmed off the broth that wouldn't be used in our upcoming, I gave it to the dogs.
An hour after the dogs feast:

Yeah, that turkey thing works on dogs, too!


  1. They look like I felt after dinner!

    It's all in knowing how to relax!

  2. Hahaha how cute!! I boiled the bones and made dog food...never thought I would be puttting them to sleep each meal! Makes me laugh.

  3. Ooo, turkey pot pie now that is one I hadn't thought of but I have other good ideas on my blog.


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