Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Misc. This and That

It has been a rough October here so far. Every one of the humans here has come down with something the past couple of weeks! Strep throat, bronchitis, mild pneumonia, miserable colds, etc.
I had to make up some more of my herbal sanitizer and have been spraying down the furniture, carpets, the air...everything  with it! It seems to have helped a bit. The house smells better, anyway!
Refreshing memories of those that haven't read here long:
Herbal sanitizer:
1 cup alcohol (rubbing alcohol is fine)
1/4 cup dried lavender flowers
1/4 cup dried rosemary
Put all ingredients in a jar with a tight lid, shake up to mix thoroughly and then leave lid on and let set for 24 hours.
Strain and Pour into spray bottle and add 1 to 2 cups of hot water, shake well to mix.
I use it as a linen spray on the bed sheets, I spray down kitchen counters with it, etc.
Little Baby the stray is settled in and very happy. Never found a micro-chip and ads posted on base in an attempt to find her owner brought no response.
She and our big German Shepherd, Andy, have become best buddies.She follows him around, gets into mischief with him, and he flops down on the floor so she can *pounce* him for a wrestling match, lol!
The nights are much cooler now...I need to get to a thrift store to buy old blankets to fill some almost finished quilts with! Yes, I know I can buy batting, super loft and all that, but in my mind, that sorta defeats the purpose of my quilts! Quilts were originally made to frugally put to use fabric scraps and threadbare blankets.
I really like seeing how creative I can get with what I have, rather than buyng spanking new fabric just for a quilt. Most fabric I buy is put to use in making clothes or aprons, etc. The scraps go into my quilts. I will buy clothes from thrift stores to turn into quilts...especially old worn and stained clothes that I know will just end up being thrown away! Bag sales are wonderful things!
My new grandson should be making his appearance within a few weeks! The name is already chosen (Gideon Edward) and my son is so excited, along with his lovely wife. I wish I could be there for the birth, but alas, I am several states away and just can't afford to fly out there for the occasion. Maybe a Christmas trip?


  1. Thanks for the recipe, Lamb, and I'm sure glad to see Little Baby is settling in and has a buddy. Maybe she will keep Andy occupied and entertained.

    New grandbabies are exciting. I have another one due next summer too. Went by the fabric store at noon today, just killing time ...had to get out of the office for an hour. They had all McCalls patterns on sale for 99 cents. I only came home with two (both of them for baby things) but plan to shop online at McCalls tonight and go back tomorrow with a list of pattern numbers. That price is too good to ignore!

  2. 99 cent pattern sale? *swoon* I need to get down to a couple stores here and see if they have any kind of sale going on!


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