Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello Saturday!

Yesterday , as most of you saw, was my birthday. The fella showed up the day before with 10 new laying hens for me! These, in addition to the peafowl and Nina and Lily (the new goats) were the final part of my present...althugh he came home from work on my birthday with a nice surprise for me!

Today we are building a nursery pen for the mama's and kids. After a doe shows signs of being pretty close to delivering, we'll transfer her to the new pen so she'll have a private and secure place to have her baby.
I'll be taking pictures later of the new hens, etc.
Stay tuned....


  1. Happy Birthday young lady, Can you drink now that you are finally 21?

  2. ooh Happy Birthday! I want a hubby who brings me chooks as a present too! hahha!!
    Can't wait to see pic of the baby goat when he/she arrives. Love your blog :)


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