Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gender Bender on Frippery Farm?

Remember Penelope?
Our chicken that preferred the company of goats?
Penelope was purchased at our local feed store, along with Phoebe. Phoebe settled in well and proceeded to make friends with the other chickens, etc. Penelope got in constant fights and was attacked not only by the other chickens but by the rooster, Red the Psycho, as well.
I let Penelope stay with the goats and she soon learned how to get out of the goat pen and wander the yard contentedly. No eggs, but we bought her and Phoebe young and didn't expect eggs for a few weeks.
Penelope would sit on my lap as I milked the goats and followed me around the yard as I fed the goats and did other chores. She had become a fixture in the yard and was benignly ignored for the most part.

Yesterday I let all the chickens out in the yard...and Penelope made a bee-line for them.
Uh-Oh. There's going to be a fight!
Uhmmm...what's Penelope doing...she's not fighting...she's...HOLY CRAP!
(I had to edit in a new surprised face as the old link went bad) not a girl chicken, she's a BOY chicken.
That's right...Penelope is a rooster!
Observe what I finally took notice of:
See the spurs growing?

Except for the tail feathers, he is a handsome bird! No crowing yet, but he gave it a bit of a try this morning. change is in order.
We are calling him Pender.


  1. That is HILL-arious!
    And so is the cat picture (yeah, I know, I'm nuts about cats)

  2. Too funny....We have had a few that were gender benders as well.

  3. I'm still laughing...good stuff.

  4. at least he is NICE!!!! and not PSYCHO!!! lol!!!


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