Friday, September 2, 2011

Food Storage and Allergies

We have allergies in this family, oh yes!
Because of various allergies, we have to take alternative routes to a full long term food storage pantry.
First and foremost, two people have severe allergies to shellfish. One person is severely allergic to all seafood. Two people are allergic to Lima beans and butter beans. One is allergic to MSG. One is allergic to tomatoes. One is allergic to aspartame (NutraSweet). Another person simply can't digest TVP (texturized vegetable protein) to the point they get excruciating stomach cramps from as little as a couple of teaspoons of the stuff.

Since there are only five people here, you can figure out that some of us have multiple allergies.*raises hand* Yup, multiple allergies here. The Boy also has multiple allergies.
So, I have to read a lot of labels when I go shopping! Whether it is for my cabinet shelf or the long term storage, if someone in the household is allergic, we simply don't buy it!
The one exception is tomatoes and tomato products. Only one person is allergic, so I make an alternate dish for that person. Tonight we had pizza, but I fixed a small chicken breast for that person and they shredded it and made some tacos with it.
I was so frustrated when I first started my food storage here. The fella was willing to buy some of the fancy freeze dried foods and meals from some of the internet dealers, but when I sat down and read the ingredients (and bless them for posting their full list of ingredients!), I realized that many of their meal items (entrees especially) were chock full of TVP or had tomato powder as a seasoning or MSG or something else that wasn't a friendly item for this family.

Almost all lists tell you to buy tuna fish or sardines for the good protein and caloric boost those items give to emergency rations. Alas, too many of us are allergic. I buy canned Vienna sausages, canned chicken and other such items to round out our protein needs.Even then, I end up reading labels as many of the canned meats include MSG.

There are always ways to round out your food storage even if a family member has special dietary restrictions. It takes a bit more homework and research, but it can be done. Gluten free grains such as millet can be used for those people that cannot tolerate gluten, for example.

Never waver in your efforts to set up a long term food pantry for your family when allergies raise their ugly head! You CAN has long term food storage and manage to handle those allergies at the same time.
Do your homework, research, read labels and persevere!

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