Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Day of Quiet!

Tomorrow noon The Girl returns home from her summer vacation and tomorrow midnight, The Boy returns.
While I have enjoyed the peace and quiet here, I have missed them!
The Girl likes to help me fix meals and bake, she is turning into a terrific cook! The Boy is a help around the house, too, and also is great at helping with the yard work.
I hope they both enjoyed their vacations, but the start of school is looming ahead, so the vacations must end and preparations started for the new school year.
The Darlin' Man already registered them for the new school year and brought home their new school books.
Activity fees have been paid and class schedules will be mailed out within a couple of days.
Today I am trying to organize their school clothes and do necessary repairs, etc.
Tomorrow I do my grocery shopping, at the same time I will try to get a few items I know they will need for the new school year.
We haven't received the infamous *lists* that teachers send home, that will come the first week of school.
The lists seem to get longer each year and it also seems the teachers each want different things.
One teacher only wants blue ink pens, another black. College ruled paper for one class, regular rule for another. Last year one teacher wanted a specific type of composition book that we couldn't find anywhere! The Darlin' Man finally found it by pure chance wandering in the PX looking for something else completely.
I would like to go ahead and get some of the school supplies tomorrow, but it is useless until we get the lists.
So, tomorrow will be bulk buys of hygiene and personal  supplies---shampoo, deodorant,  hairbrushes, combs, hair gel, pony tail holders, etc.I like to buy such items on sale. One store has shampoo and conditioner on sale for a dollar a bottle, so I'll get 10 bottles of each.
I think I'll add a personal/hygiene shelf to our food storage stores. The Darlin' Man hasn't concentrated as much on food storage, leaving that up to me, so I guess I'll have to take charge on this, too!
So, soap, shampoo, deodorant, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, hair accessories, hair gel, lip balm, sanitary pads, tissues, and anything else I can think of by tomorrow...

Hope everyone out there has an easy time with the teacher lists!


  1. I love being able to -shop- in my own home! especially when I stock it with stuff I got on sale!

  2. Our pantry also includes hygiene stuff. Buy it on sale and stock up when you can, it doesn't go bad!


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