Friday, August 12, 2011

Help Me Choose!

Barreling on towards getting my cajeta to market...
We are ordering labels for the jars tonight!
I needed three pictures for the three different labels (reg., extra thick and spicy cajeta)
I picked two pictures:
Gabrielle aka Gabby for the label for the regular cajeta
Champagne aka Champ for the extra thick cajeta (happy goat!)

Having a problem picking the picture for the spicy cajeta
This picture of Patches?
I think it is too much of a close-up and you can't really tell it's a goat!

This picture, which I would have to crop out excess background and you can still see Paulis standing behind her.
or this one..Patches standing in the feed box with her goofy happy-goat expression on her face (and she is endearingly goofy!)

Or should I try for some new shots and hope I can get a better one? Patches is notoriously hard to get a good pic of, as she will come over for her close-up, but then try to nibble on the camera or the person holding the camera! Patches is just a *nibbly* type of goat, lol!

I think I will try to get a couple of pics of her...may post the results later IF I get a good one. If I don't, I am tempted to go with the bottom pic. My son likes the close-up and the fella likes the middle picture (if I crop it).
Which one do you think would look cuter on a label?


  1. Patches in the feed box is my choice. Love that smile. LOL Peggy

  2. I'm with you, Lamby, I like the 3rd picture of Patches. :)

  3. I think the extreme close-up shots, even those that make you wonder "what is wrong with that goat", make the best shots.

    Nothing like an In Your Face goat picture!


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