Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remember the Batteries

So, today I had a great photo opportunity. Gabrielle the goat was dozing in her pen, and Penelope (our new hen) cuddled up on her back to take a snooze. We put Penelope in with the milking does as the older hens were picking and pecking her too much.
They looked soooooooo cute. I went quietly back in the house, grabbed the camera...went back out side...and....nothing.
The batteries were dead!
I went back in the house and looked for more batteries, but apparently the kids (human, not goat), had needed them for some of their electronics, like wireless game controllers, so they had basically emptied the box!

So much for the cute pic I wanted to get...sigh...
I'll get to the store tomorrow and hopefully, the goats and hens and dogs will continue to act adorable and provide me with great photo opportunities!

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