Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning Grazing

Browsing on the weeds.
Wang catches the scent of the milking does....
..and wanders over..."Helloooooo ladies"

Geordi wins a game of King of the Hill against Cloris.


  1. wasn't Geordi the one who hurt / broke his leg at just a few days old? if so, he sure did rebound VERY well! they all look good!

  2. Yes, Geordi is the one that broke his leg, but he was a couple months old when it happened. He did heal and rebound very well, and is sorta my favorite. I want to turn him into a pet goat that can pull in harness. I think he would be not so good as meat, as besides the broken leg, he also had a bout of pneumonia and an abscess when we attempted to band him. He still has his testicles, we are probably going to take him to a vet to have him castrated when the weather cools here.


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