Saturday, May 14, 2011

Losing My Mind...and Losing Posts!

I thanked the wrong person for the gift of my new camera (cringe)...Kellie, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
I will chalk it up to sleep deprivation, old age and knowing W-A-A-A-A-Y too many Kellies/Kelles/Kelly's !
I am soooo sorry, Kellie!
Blogger ate some of my posts in it's most recent *hiccup*, as well as several comments. Arrrrggghhh!

So, a quick recap...
The fella's deployment:
We don't know.
The soonest we WILL know is the second week in June. The latest is July 1st.
Lots of gardening this weekend...hopefully I can post some pictures of that later today!

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  1. lol! Kellie, Kelly, Kelle, Kelli; it doesn't matter, it only matters you are having a blast with it!! Now let's see some more pictures!!! LOL!


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