Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day looms dead ahead and the fella has a five day weekend (WOOO-HOOOO!). I am letting him sleep in (as well as the Girl), BUT there are some major things that need doing that I will require their assistance on.
The Boy is currently away from home, so he isn't included in the festivities.
First things first...
We have a dryer. It was here when I arrived, so I take no blame for it. It doesn't work anyway, so all it is doing is taking up valuable floor space in the laundry room. My plan is to get it moved out of there and into the shed (we have a storage shed), so we can possibly find a good used apartment sized refrigerator to put in that spot. It will prove invaluable for the goat milk, cheese and egg overflow for our regular refrigerator.
Ugh...the storage shed. We sooooo need to clean that out! Might as well put that on the list of "to-do" things as well.
I also plan on us cleaning up the yard today.
The wind blows so much here. Even if I pick up every day all the stuff that blows into the yard, I wake up with more stuff to pick up! I also want to trim some dead branches off the few trees in the yard, just to make them look a bit neater.
Planning on working on my raised bed gardens as well. Going to plant some more seeds and hope for the best. This super dry weather/climate, is wreaking havoc on my seedlings, so I try to keep seeds started to fill in where my seedlings perish. I water, I use manure tea, I try to shelter my poor seedlings with mulch, etc., but I am still having about a 50% die-off. I thought it was just me and my inexperience at desert gardening, but I talked to a few gardening neighbors and they told me 50% was actually pretty good! Most of them confess to a 70% or so die-off, despite their best efforts!

I am struggling with the camera...I got some stupid virus n my computer and had to reboot and reset so many things and use anti-virus measures just to get my system back to some semblance of normality. Then I tried to upload some pictures I took of the gorgeous cactus flowers in my yard...and....nothing. I swear I pushed all the right buttons, but nothing happens! So, I will work on that today, too, and hopefully you'll get to see some pictures of bright pink flowering cactus!


  1. I hope you get your pictures up cactus flowers are so pretty.

  2. sounds like you have quite a list of things to do! I just loved the pictures of your garden beds, they are awesome! mine are just cinder block. 50% success is great for that environment. I only could get sunflowers and bush green beans to grow lol! I hope you get the camera working cause I have to confess that I would love to SEE how to make cheese! lol! and see the babies of course!!!

  3. Glad the fella gets a long weekend. I know you'll put him to good use! If the dryer is not functional, why store it? Scrap metal prices are pretty high right now. Just a thought...

    This holiday is to commemorate our soldiers that have fallen and, thankfully, your fella is not one of them ...but I am grateful to him for the service he gives to our country. Especially in these sad times when our country is in such a shambles economically, politically and morally says a lot about the fella's character that he still loves her enough to serve.


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