Thursday, April 21, 2011, blog, etc

Spring cleaning having taken most of my attentions in the past couple of weeks, I have not posted too much here.
That's about to change.
I intend to put my blog on a I have been putting my household on a schedule, too!
I know, I know, putting livestock, teenagers and a fella in the military sounds like a situation that would be impossible to put on a regular schedule, but I am going to give it a heck of a try!
I also want to schedule my blog postings. I know...self-discipline and all that...not my best virtue!
I don't want to schedule a specific time each day to sit down and rattle off a post...I want to have a specific topic for each day of the week.
What I am thinking of right now breaks down like this:
Mondays: Recipes
Tuesdays: Versatility Tuesdays!
Wednesdays: Videos I like
Thursdays: General update on the critters, gardening, etc around here
Fridays: Financial Fridays...discussing finances, budgeting, money saving tips, etc.
Saturday: Wild card, lol! Probably picture heavy.
Sunday...awwww, c'mon, give a girl one day off a week!

What do you think? Sound doable?
Since today is Thursday....
Paulus was banded a couple of weeks ago and is now officially a wether (castrated goat)

He will be slaughtered and butchered in around 2 months, after he has sufficiently fattened up.
Gabrielle, our milk goat, is still milking well and has gentled down doubt in response to getting sweet feed everytime she gets on the milking stand!
Geordi (Gabrielle's offspring, a young buck) is sharing the bachelor quarters with Wang, our buck. He was NOT happy to be weaned! He is also not happy about Wang's...uhmmmm....horniness. Yes, when Wang needs a partner and has no doe readily available, he considers Geordi a suitable replacement, much to Geordis dismay. We have sold Geordi and his new owners is supposed to pick him up the first week in May. May can not come too soon for Geordi!
Champagne (young doe goat) is pregnant and is due in about a month. I surely hope she has a little doe!
Patches (Paulus mom) has been on the milking stand...but...wheeeew! She stinks, her milk tastes really *off* and smells VERY goaty. Paulus is still nursing, so her milk is being utilized by him, at least. Patches is a Nubian Dwarf, while Gabrielle is a Toggleberg cross, I wonder if that has something to do with it?
All I know is that no one here will drink Patches milk and when I tried to use it in cooking, it made the finished product taste gawdawful.

Personally, I prefer cows...just don't tell Gabrielle!

Recently, a friend called me to task for whining about the heat here. She said "Look, girl, you are with the man you love with a couple of great kids (yeah, they are pretty great), living in a comfortable house with the livestock and garden you always wanted! Can't you say ANYTHING nice about the climate there?"

Okay, okay, she is right...I do love my life here. And I DO whine about the heat...
So, here's the
Top Ten Reasons El Paso (and the weather here) ROCKS!:
10: No clothes dryer needed. Clothes dry on the line within 30 minutes.
9: Everything dries out too fast to mold.
8: The mountains are gorgeous at sunrise and sunset.
7: The desert night skies have to be seen to be believed! WOW! The stars really shine bright here!
6: No humidity = no humid hair frizzies.
5: No humidity = HUGE amount of static electricity. Fun at parties and you can zap a mugger to disarm them!
4: REAL Tex-Mex restaurants at reasonable prices.
3: HUGE variety of Mexican & Asian grocers!
2: No raking leaves in the fall. Just kick the tumbleweeds out of the yard!
1: DAVES PAWN SHOP!!!  'Nuff said.


  1. Great idea, setting up a schedule for topics for the week. Wish I could post more consistently but my life does not lend itself to the concept. I seldom know whether I'll have five minutes or five hours of uncommitted time in the evenings. Since Yeoldfurt and I both work almost an hour from home, our workday evenings are pretty short.

    I don't know much about goats and know nothing about the dairy aspect of goats ...but I would suspect an infection if there is a foul odor. You County Extension Agent should know or be able to point you to someone who does. The best news is that consulting with the County Agent is free. You can't beat that!

  2. We had her checked about 2 weeks after she had Paulus and we were told she was just fine. The comment "some goats are just smellier than others" was, I dunno. I gave her a very thorough bath about a week or two ago...but, Patches is back to her smelly self again. Champagne is *medium* smelly and Gabrielle isn't smelly at all. But Gabby is a rather fastidious goat! She bathes herself a couple times a day, does a *dust roll* when out in the sandy section of the yard and seems to enjoy it when we brush her or bathe her.
    Personally...I think we should just keep Gabby as a milk goat and sell the others or trade them. Patches does not have the best udder, and although she hasn't given birth yet, I can tell Champagne is going to be hard to milk as her udder is misshapen-ed. She is due around this time next month, so we shall see.
    I like cows so much!

  3. We have a dwarf/Nubian doe and her milk is the sweetest I have ever tasted. Our regular milk goat is a Alpine/Nubian and gives a gallon of milk a day even with twins nursing. The dwarf/Nubian gives us about a quart but like I said it is sweet and wonderful to drink. Can't figure out what the smell or taste from yours could be.

  4. Peggy, we don't know what the problem is. either! We had the vet check her milk for bacteria/infection...nothing. Her kid nurses happily, so at least he likes the taste,lol!
    We may be selling her soon...the price of alfalfa here has skyrocketed due to water issues, so we can't afford to feed any livestock that isn't productive.


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