Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Heat is On...

And the heat is on in more ways than one!
It has been hot here. I hate the heat...gimme cool Spring or Autumn weather or even the chill winds of Winter, PLEASE!
Maybe it is because I was born in late October, but I have always felt better in cooler weather. Yes, I was one of those kids that ran outside barefoot in the snow! In Summer, I wilt.
So, since the temperature has been above normal here, I have changed my schedule to reflect my animosity towards the blazing sun.
I get up around 4 am, quietly fix my breakfast, let the dogs out for their morning potty run while I get the goat feed and chicken feed together. I also feed the dogs and call them back in to breakfast.
I quickly eat breakfast (this morning, a scrambled egg and some cheese wrapped in a warm tortilla) and then go out and feed the goats and turn them out to pasture.
I'll wait to feed the chickens until the sun peeks a wee bit over the horizon.
Back in the house, I go over a short "gotta do" list and complete any tasks that can be done quietly.
I also check the news and weather (online) and check out a couple of favorite blogs and facebook (yes, I am on FB...keeps me in touch with kids, family and friends).
I post here--if I can think of anything to post, lol!
I usually start some bread dough or something else to bake later or figure out what I am going to fix for dinner and take meat out to thaw or start something in the crock-pot. (I LOVE my crock-pots in hot weather!!!)
The whole object of getting up so early and getting as much done as possible is so I will be able to take a break during the hot afternoon. I may take a short nap or a cool shower, I may read a book for a bit or just listen to music. But I will have about two hours to find some way to cool off and avoid the harsh sunlight.
Now, onto the metaphoric aspects of "The Heat is On"....
Radioactivity has been found in milk in Washington State. Still in the *safe range*.
Link to newspaper report
Expect grain prices to go Up, Up, UP!
This has nothing to do with weather or crop failure or fuel costs.
This has to do with George Soros (the man solely responsible for  crashing the Bank of England and causing the financial crisis in the UK)
His corporation (well, ONE of his corporations) has now bought up more grain elevators and facilities in the US.
Story HERE
Now, what does Soros have in mind? He never does anything that he cannot profit from---and profit heavily.
He cares nothing for the *common man* that will have financial burdens because of his [Soros} manipulations.
If you do not have grains (wheat, corn, oats, barley, etc.) stored, you better hop to it double quick!
Food storage...yes, you are just putting in your gardens, but you need to make sure your food storage is as close to adequate as possible. By adequate, I mean a years supply.
That is what I consider adequate. Some folks go for THREE years supply.
Even if the best you can manage is one months supply, get it done.
This is no joke. Fuel prices are going up. Non-GMO seeds are actually sold out at many seed suppliers.
Gather what you can while you can.
Fun Thing:
The Goat web cam at Beekmans Farm
Web Cam Click Here

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