Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Having a "What's For Dinner" Day

Ever have a day when you happen to glance in the fridge...and then the cabinets and realize that due to your dislike of shopping, you are down to the *nitty-gritty* in quickly fixed groceries?
By quickly fixed, I do NOT mean boxed dinners and such...I mean fresh produce, a few *go to* spices or other ingredients you always keep on hand...but have run out.

I hate going grocery shopping...really, I do.
But tonight...I HAVE to go. I am out of every type of garlic I normally have. Dried, powdered, minced in olive oil and fresh bulbs.
If that wasn't bad enough, I am also out of green onions. (A HUGE staple in our house!)
Out of regular onions as well. We ALL love onions!
The only fresh produce left is lettuce (red leaf and Romaine), two tomatoes and a few grapes.

I DO have plenty of pasta, in different forms (always, but ALWAYS keep pasta stocked!)
I have a few cans of organic tomato sauce left over from when the store had a case sale.
Plenty of ground beef in the freezer, plus a couple of packs of steak bought on sale.
I DO have plenty of rice, dehydrated onions, grits, oatmeal and fresh eggs and goats milk.
Also plenty of frozen peas, broccoli and spinach.
I am thinking...thinking....
I think I will make a couple of loaves of Italian bread, cut one loaf for garlic bread and crustinis (spread with my yummy goat cheese), make spaghetti and a light salad of lettuce, tomatoes w/sliced boiled eggs and have tapioca for dessert.

Still have to go to the store within a couple days...I soooo hate shopping sometimes...

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