Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Cheers for My Hyperactive Self!

I am a bit hyperactive. It doesn't affect me all the time, but occasionally it pokes it's little fuzzy head up out of my brain and wants to play.
Tonight is one of those nights.
I am not tired. Absolutely no desire to sleep.
So, besides this blog post, I am cleaning the kitchen, catching up on the ironing and will probably cut out 2 or 3 patterns so I can sew up a dress or two tomorrow.I am also watching/listening to a documentary at the same time.
I was hyperactive when I was small, but that was before Big Bad Pharma found out it could make money by convincing parents to drug their little darlings into a stupor. My parents solution was to give me a flashlight and a bunch of books to read.
The results were a life-long love of reading accompanied by a life-long fear of the dark!
I also tend to multi-task like crazy when going through a hyper phase.
While I am ironing and listening to a documentary, I have some sweet roll dough rising and also have started another load of laundry.
I go through these little bouts around once or twice a month. I normally sleep 6 to 7 hours a night, then I just have two or three nights in a row when 2 or 3 hours is sufficient.
I've adapted to it. I save up some particularly odious chore (like ironing) for a hyper stage, knowing it will all get done in one night.
It may seem weird to those 8 hour a night sleepers out there, or to those poor souls that suffer from insomnia and end up exhausted the next day, but this is my *normal*. I won't be exhausted tomorrow...I will be brimming with energy after a cat nap of an hour or two.
To all those other *hypers* out there, my best advice is:
Don't fight it, go with it. Your system (biological) doesn't have to work the way anyone elses does.
I have never considered my hyper-activity a handicap, I always considered it a bonus! Long after everyone else fades and crashes, I can keep going.
Sometimes I will go a week or two on 2 to 3 hours of sleep in each 24 hour period. Eventually, I have learned, my system says "Okay, that is enough of that!" and I head for bed and sleep soundly for 10 to 12 hours. Then I am back to *normal*. (Well, *normal* for me, anyway!)
Well, I have sat here long enough...after a bit more ironing, I think I will mop the kitchen floor....


  1. Don't suppose you could come over here & do some moonlight cleaning while I'm in bed, hugh?

    BTW, your hyperactive self has just "won" an award over at my blog.
    Seems ironically fitting for today!

  2. I was watching a neighbors house once when she was on vacation. My *hyperness* struck while she was gone...she came back to a sparkling clean house,lol! I even shampooed her carpets (the same night I shampooed mine).


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