Monday, February 14, 2011

New Project---Kitchen Table Top!

Sometimes a project comes my way through accident. I hadn't planned on doing said project, but necessity compels me to.
Which brings me to my kitchen table....
When I arrived here in September, the Darlin' Man already had the house set up and furnished. He had furniture and dishes from his last 20 odd years of service life and bouncing around the world. Much of it had been in storage for the past 5 years or so, as he had been on assignment to Korea and deployed to Iraq.

The worst piece of furniture he owned was an early 1980s kitchen set. A smoked glass topped table. Remember those?
I didn't own one in the 1980s, but here I was, stuck with one of those hideous tables.
I'm a *wood girl*. I like kitchen tables that are made of wood...that have character and warmth.
Smoked glass top? Yuck.
Anyway...about a week ago, I was setting the table for dinner and set a baking dish with a casserole in it on the, mind you, I had been doing this since September. I had a small hot pad on the table, but part of the casserole dish came into contact with the glass.
A huge section of the table cracked and then just fell on the floor, scaring the bejeebers out of me and the fella's dog (said dog sitting under the table!).
Well, yesterday, the Darlin' Man and I made it down to the home improvement store and bought the supplies necessary to contruct a new table top.
A 4 x 8 piece of OMB (a pressed wood type of plywood) which the nice guy named Danny at the local Lowes cut for us!
A box of inexpensive floor tile of the stone type.
Tile adhesive.
A small can of polyurethane..
We already have grout and we also had some leftover tile from other projects in the past in case the small box of tile was not enough.
So, this afternoon, I took the tile and figured out how to place them so they will cover the table properly. There is a small gap on either side of the center tile, but I figured out how to do a mosaic of broken pottery to fill in there.
Actually looks quite pretty!

Tomorrow, I will apply the adhesive, place the tile and let it set. On Tuesday I will put the grout on and let it set. On Wednesday, first coat of poly. Let it set for 24 hours, then 2nd coat.
Thursday, I attach the table top to the table frame, using supplies I already have.

Except for my time, the total cost is under $40.00 for my brand new table top.
Not too bad! Yes, I had looked at thrift stores and in ads and on Craigslist and couldn't find any this cheap.
While it may seem a lot of trouble to some folks, I am enjoying the experience. I get to express some creativity, use my rather rusty tile laying skills and save some money, too, by doing it myself! The new table top has inspired me so much that I am thinking of covering the cushioned chair seats, as the fabric is rather ugly (faux tapestry--black with yellow and orange and red flowers...ICK!)

I hope to get some pictures of the finished project--at least--hopefully I can get some *in progress* pics as well! I have to borrow a camera from a friend, so we will see!

For those, Patches the goat has NOT given birth yet. She had a bit of a discharge this evening, but no signs of labor....sigh. I swear that goat is giving me (more) gray hair!


  1. I love when accident's like that happen to things that you are already unhappy with instead of the stuff you love. Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. I was never a fan of glass table tops either. Looking forward to seeing the finished table top, it sounds really nice.

  3. I bet your table will look great when you are finished with it. I like wood also.Can't wait to see your pics.Glad you didn't spend a small fortune on it. Blessings jane


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