Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning Moments...

Right now are my favorite moments of the morning....
The goats and chickens have been fed, and the goats have been put out in the big yard (the darlin' man calls it the "outer pasture") and the dogs are blissfully crunching on their between wrestling bouts on the living room floor!
The sun is coming up and the neighborhood is quiet. The kids are still asleep and the dogs and I have the house to ourselves.
In an hour, peace will flee with the morning chaos of the kids rushing around to find this book or that sock, the t.v. giving us the morning news and weather report and the neighborhood waking up.
But right now....peace.
Remember Patches?
Visual reminder:
Patches is the rather rotund black and white goat in the picture.
Well, she is currently 4 days over-due for having her kid by our calculations.
She looks like a furry barrel with legs this morning!
I am hoping she delivers soon! This is her first kid and I am a little bit worried.
Her tail hasn't dropped and she is not pawing the ground or showing any pre-labor behaviors as of yet.
*Nail biting time*


  1. Come on, Patches! Promise her how much better she'll feel once those babies are here. Hang in there. This was my first year with the lambs and I drove that poor momma nuts going down at night with the flash light. I love the quiet mornings too, tho I'm usually the last one up.

  2. I'm hoping for everything to work out for Patches...and you!

    Nerve racking, I'm sure!

  3. Another day and she still hasn't had her kid! I know I am more worried about it than Patches is! She just worries about being the first to the feed trough in the mornings!


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