Friday, February 25, 2011

Good Things Abound!

Good morning all!
I am a bit more cheerful today as I spent the past week battling a kidney infection. I hate getting those, they are so sneaky! At first I thought it was my back and treated it as such...then  realized it was my kidneys, so I had to switch my approach. No, didn't go to the doctor, as the last time I did for a kidney infection, the idiot medical professionals gave me meds  it turned out I was allergic to and it darn near killed me!
So, herbal teas with honey were the order of the day here! (I made teas with ginger, raw honey, parsley and cinnamon) Also upped my water intake and this morning I am about 80% back to normal...or my usual abnormal normal!
Was doing a bit of browsing on the internet and found THIS SHIRT .
Pretty nifty idea! Wish I had thought of it!
Another nifty thing is the Knot Bandana .
Cool item to stuff in your bug out bag or to tie on your backpack on a camping trip.
Same folks also carry a First Aid Bandana
I like little, inexpensive *gee whiz* items like those!
For those of you in the SouthEastern US, I found this:
Wish I lived closer! Looks good! (He also shows that nifty shirt in the video)
If you have the chance, check out Sootch00's other videos, he has some good ones on food prep, home defense, etc.
My recipe for Italian Cabbage/Sausage soup turned out pretty good.
I thought I had all the ingredients, but a quick check after posting that yesterday proved me wrong.
No white wine and no can of white beans (and not enough time to cook up a batch of dried ones).
So, I used barley instead of beans and added a can of diced tomatoes to make up for the lack of wine.
Everyone loved it!
With a nice crusty loaf of home made bread, it was wonderful and warming!
Well, it's time for another cup of hot tea...
I am brewing some chai tea this morning,I'll add cinnamon, ginger slices and some cream. Yum!
That and a couple of slices of home made bread with butter and honey will be breakfast.
I found a juicer recently at Goodwill and have it cleaned, up and running, so for lunch I am planning on a bowl of soup leftover from last night and a  glass of carrot, celery and apple juice for lunch. All those are good for the kidneys, so I hope to keep the Good Things in my system to get back to 100%.
Hope you have lots of Good Things in your day!!


  1. Hey hope you feel better, Kidney infection has to be terrible, at least the weather isn't too bad down here. Anyway good job battling the infection.

  2. Sorry to hear you've not been well. Hope you're better soon.

  3. Doing fine now, herbal teas and flooding my system with water plus rest does the best for me!


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