Monday, February 28, 2011

Dust, Dust Everywhere!

Yesterday we had high winds here.
High winds + desert sand = LOTS of dust!
Yes, windows and doors were kept shut, but that doesn't matter out here in the desert!
My screened in front porch has about 1/2 inch to 3/4 of an inch of dust coating everything.
Every surface in the house has dust on it. I know when I vacuum that the vacuum will be filled with dust after the first, second and third pass through the living room and den. It took 3 paper towels to get all the dust off the t.v. screen this morning.
There is even dust coating the glass shelves inside the china cabinet! (And the doors were firmly shut)
Just another hurdle in housekeeping in desert climes...
The temperature also dropped down yesterday as the winds howled. The goats and chickens hunkered down in their respective quarters for the duration of the storm.The hens, bless 'em, still managed to produce 5 eggs in spite of the adverse conditions. Mama Gabrielle goat also managed to produce milk, although she was none too happy about being milked during a wind storm!

The winds died down, though, and this morning the sun is shining, the hens are happily clucking away and the goats are trotting around the yard.
I have a lot of cleaning to do, and hopefully, I can get through it without sneezing my head off!
Yesterday, the Girl wanted to bake bread.
I gave her a simple recipe, which she followed--pretty much. The results were quite good. She was so proud of her accomplishment that this morning she wrapped up some of her bread to take to school to share!
She made two loaves of regular bread, and then I showed her how to roll out dough, spread butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and walnut pieces on it and roll it up to bake as a sweet bread for breakfast. When it came out of the over, I brushed butter on that loaf and dusted it with confectioners sugar.That's the bread she took to share.
Best part of the experience (for me) was when she stopped sampling her creation long enough to say "You know, bread you make yourself just tastes SO much better!"
Yes, yes it does!

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