Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Doggie Life

We have two dogs here.
One is the fella's dog who was here before I arrived.
Andy (AKA Hannibal)

The other is my dog, Siona (or when I am upset with her " Siona-MARIE!")

The two of them are my constant companions here.
Andy had a severe destructive streak when I arrived. He chewed EVERYTHING he could get his paws on! I would go to sleep with the house reasonably clean and wake up with sofa cushions shredded and flung about the room, the trash can upended and all the trash strewn around the kitchen and dining room, etc.  Siona tried to keep him in check, but eventually she even gave up.
A couple of weeks ago, his chewing on computer cords cost us around $80.00 to replace the cords...ACK! The fella seemed bent on doggie-cide, but we reached a compromise.
A muzzle.
Now, before the household turns off the last light, locks the doors and turns in for the night, one of us muzzles Andy...and we have started referring to him as *Hannible*, lol!
Andy fought the muzzle at first, but now he accepts it. He can breathe freely and drink, he just can bark or chew on anything.
First thing every morning, I get up, remove his muzzle and shoo him and Siona outside for their morning potty break.
By the time they get back in, I have dished up their food. I feed the dogs twice a day. I am NOT an advocate of *free feeding* where the dogs have 24 hour access to food! ESPECIALLY with dogs that are inside/outside dogs or even just inside dogs! The fella was *free feeding* Andy when I arrived. Andy was having constant potty accidents in the middle of the night, even during the day. I immediately put Andy on the feeding schedule Siona has had since she was a puppy....once in the morning and once in the evening, with trips outside right after eating. Andy stopped having *accidents* and has adapted well to the feeding schedule.
After eating, both dogs go outside for their "morning romp". They wrestle and run, check out the goats (through the fence) and the chickens (again, through the fence), wrestle some more and finally lay down in the sunshine and take a nap, stirring when the kids are going to the bus stop.They watch the bus leave and then demand entrance to the house and I let them in.
THEN they have their *inside romp*, wrestling each other and playing tug-of-war with a doggie toy.
Another nap.
I try to walk them in the afternoon. A brisk stroll around the neighborhood so they can check out what is happening and to stretch their legs...and mine!
I shoo them outside around lunch time when I vacuum and dust.
Their next big *excitement* is when the kids get home from school and then (Oh JOY!) when the fella gets home from work. They slobber all over him!
When we eat dinner, they also get their evening feeding, sometimes supplemented with a few scraps from dinner. Some folks freak out when they find out my dogs get *people food*, saying it's *bad* for them. I wonder if they know what dogs ate BEFORE commercial dog food was available? Each of the dogs gets at least one raw egg a week in their food and I have been known to mix in some bacon grease into their kibble, especially during cold weather. Both dogs have healthy shiny coats and have a glow of health about them.
Siona is especially fond of licking up any dribbles of milk on the milking stand for a treat.
Another trip into the big back yard for an evening romp and then another walk after dinner.

The evening ends with both dogs happily cuddling with the kids or the fella or me on the couch as we watch a movie or a t.v. program.
Then one last *potty break* before bed, and Andy gets his *Hannibal Lector* mask on.
They have each laid claim to a different piece of furniture at night, although they nap together during the day. Andy stretches out on the big couch, Siona curls into a ball on the loveseat. They would both prefer to sleep with us, their people, but the only time that happens is when the fella is out in the field...and then I let Siona curl up in bed with me (don't tell the Darlin' Man!) and Andy goes into the Boys room.
Not a bad life for a dog, all in all.


  1. Ah, that's what I need, muzzles! My 2 dogs are outdoor types and have recently taken to shreading the washing if it's on the line overnight or while we're out. I've been having to chain them up to prevent it although I don't like to do it. They dig, destroy potplants, rip up any bedding I put in their kennels. I can cope with all that but the washing really upsets me because then I have to try to sew it all together again. If I take them for extra runs it just seems to get them more excited and they act up even worse. Anyway, I'll have to save up for a couple of muzzles.

  2. The muzzle we found was 13.99 at PetSmart. It is mesh (I guess so the dog doesn't get all sweaty) and has a bit of padding where it meets the nose, so it doesn't rub an abrasion on the pooch. So far, so good!


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