Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And People Wonder Why We Prepare...


  1. I helped a friend move into a new place a couple weekends ago.

    We needed matches to light a couple of candles (the house had that empty house smell), and I ran out to the car to my emergency kit, grabbed a pack of matches, and lit the candles.

    Someone cut her finger, and I ran out to the car to my emergency kit, grabbed a band-aid and the neosporin, and she got patched up.

    Someone needed to potty and no one knew yet where the TP was, so I ran out to the car to my emergency get the idea.

    I was teased early in the day for having an 'emergency kit'. By the end of the day, two ladies had asked me how I knew what to put in there, whether or not I had a list I could share, and how long things would last in the back of a car. It amazes me how many people are wandering about with nothing, no sense of what they need, or how to go about putting it all together.

  2. @ Ten Things Farm,love it!

    My friends joke about how much stuff I keep in my car,but in conditions like the blizzard we just came through,had I needed anything,I would have had it with me....


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