Sunday, January 9, 2011


A friend of mine on an online forum has a grown son that LOVES football.
REALLY loves football. For the family vacation last year, he took his wife and kids to the Football Hall of Fame, lol!
Anyway, they took pictures and entered one in a contest to get Super Bowl tickets.

They are currently in second place...PLEASE help them get to first!
The web site is HERE
The picture is the one for WEEK 5
You can only vote once per email address and voting closes at 5 pm tomorrow....get friends and family to vote as well...this family has had some struggles in the past year and this would be such a boost to them!


  1. Done... also voted using our joint e-mail, my farm e-mail and my daughters e-mail. I'll pass the word!

  2. Thanks! They adopted a couple of kids about 18 months ago or so, and there was a lot of expenses, etc, so, they are still trying to recover a bit from that! Please pass the link ends tomorrow and I really hope they win!


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