Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sometimes, Your Body Knows Best

Since I am preparing for a move, everything here has been in a bit of a tizzy.
I am sorting out my belongings, packing, tossing out, donating, etc.
Makes for a lot of activity and very little sleep.
Now, we all have different strategies for "burning the candle at both ends".
I have a tendency to add some caffeine, usually in the form of soda, into my daily regimen.
Last night, I had no soda, but around one in the morning, I was starting to feel sleepy and sluggish--yet still had more to do.
Well, my room mate had made a pot of coffee.
I am allergic to coffee. Not DEATHLY allergic, mind you. Just allergic in that it will make me sick if I drink more than about a half cup.
So, I figured, a quarter cup...just a *shot* would be okay.
It was, for about the first hour.
After the first hour, my body decided to show me, in no uncertain terms, why I shouldn't drink coffee.
Yes, I was awake all night, but, no, I did not get much done.
Not a fun night...unless you consider throwing up, profuse sweating, stomach cramps and more throwing up as a fun experience!
I am re-hydrating this morning. Plenty of water. Resting.
My body has made it clear this is what it wants, and this is what my body will get!
Yes, I have much more to do, but after last nights experiences, I think I will listen to my body today.

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