Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh the pains of packing!

So, I am making a move of a little over 900 miles on the third of September.
I have been packing, and while I pack, I am sorting.
I have so many things that I have hung onto for so long for absolutely no reason.
For example, I still had every birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day card, etc that my ex husband had given me.
Into the trash they went! Along with several magazines I had held onto *for the recipes*, several catalogs I was *going to order out of--someday* and loads of other useless paper things that had followed me through the years. A full lawn and leaf style hefty bag was filled almost to bursting with the stuff!
Tonight I am going through clothes. Out go those things that no longer fit me, are hopelessly stained or torn, or simply don't look good on me. I have oodles of fabric for my quilting, so I refuse to be seduced into the time consuming task of cutting up said clothes to save the fabric for quilting! (and oh, the siren song of fabric is a hard one to resist!)
I am washing every item of clothing I am taking. Sort of an OCD thing, I suppose. I ALWAYS wash all my clothes and linens when I move. Otherwise, my clothes smell like my old house. I don't want to take the smell of my old house with me.
Okay, I am weird. We all have our own little idiosyncrasies, that's one of mine.
So, tonight is my *all nighter* laundry night.
As each load comes out of the dryer, it will be folded and packed in a sturdy Rubbermaid tote (my preferred moving boxes)
I have designated two, and ONLY two totes for clothing and linens as my moving vehicle is a friends SUV and I am limited on space.
Severly limited.
I am having to go minimalist here, people.
For a pack rat like me, it is almost physically painful!
My biggest priorities are my food preps and tactical supplies (guns, ammo). Absolutely NONE of the tactical supplies can be left behind. Too expensive to replace!
Kitchen tools are essentials. I have cast iron pans, food mills, sauce pots, etc. Also crock pot, electric skillet and yogurt maker, things like that.
I will be taking a few *knick-knacks* that mean a lot to me. Framed pictures of my kids.  Some lovely wind chimes I found at a yard sale. Just a few items, but enough to make the new place feel more like *home*.
Moving is exciting. It is stressful. It is an adventure.
I am trying to ignore the stressful part and embrace the exciting and adventurous aspects!
So, here's to new places, new people and a new home!
(And did I tell you I will have goats and chickens there!!! WOOOOO-HOOOOO!)


  1. Good luck with your move, Lamby, may your trip be a safe one.
    WooHoo for the goats and chickens, that right there makes the move worth it. :)


  2. :-D Hubby and I have moved every year of our 4 years together. :-P
    I feel your pain.
    Any chance you're moving to rural Iowa? :-D :-D
    Good luck, travel safely.

  3. Nope, not Iowa. I will still be in Texas, just W-A-Y on the other side of Texas near the New Mexico state line. Only 2 miles from the state line, in fact. El Paso!


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