Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still Unpacking...

Since I moved the first week in May, I have been unpacking...slowly.
Every time I open a box, I find a surprise---"OH! THAT'S where that was!!!!"
I had one box that was not labeled, so I left that box for last...
Inside was the best of all surprises!
There is about 30 yards of braided fabric strips, all ready to turn into a rag rug, a whole bag of quilt pieces I had cut out to make a quilt---enough for a Queen sized quilt!--another quilt project---just the quilt top, no batting---all I have to do is pin in the batting, do my edging and quilt! Also 3 or 4 purses I started and never finished and a few other small sewing projects.
I suppose some of them I got bored or frustrated or just too busy to complete. I can look at them now with fresh eyes and am enthused about completing them!
I think the rag rug will be first, since it is closest to completion.
I am rearranging my room tonight to better be able to sew and do my crafts and artwork. Right now, it just isn't working for me.
Will post pics of the rug when it is complete!
Now go search out those unfinished projects you have and GET BUSY!

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