Friday, April 23, 2010

Pass this on for me if you would, please!

Healthy, active and enthusiastic woman looking for caretaking/farm/ranch/property management position.
I am especially interested in opportunities on organic farms/ranches and those that raise heritage breeds.
Have worked on dairy farms, agricultural farms, cattle farms, poultry farms. Currently exiting employment as a property manager in Beaumont, Texas. Tired of city living, looking for employment in rural area! I don't require a lot of pay, just a roof over my head and new challenges to tackle!
Not afraid of hard work, animals or buggies and beasties. I adapt well to every situation. Not prone to panic and stay calm in almost every situation. (Last time I didn't stay calm was when teaching a teenager to drive...but he is grown now, so I don't have to do that again, thank goodness!)
I have skills at herbalism, food preservation and storage, gardening, composting, animal health, livestock management in general, crafts, basic carpentry (built a cabin of my very own once!) I can work with minimal supervision, as well.
If you have have housing and work for two, I have a friend (late 30s, male) that is also looking for a similar position anywhere from San Antonio area to Los Cruces New Mexico area!

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