Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's YOUR game plan?

Every good coach takes his team into a game prepared. They make a game plan.
They map out what plays they will use and what circumstances will make them change their plan.
They have options mapped out. Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and so on.

Now, do YOU have a *game plan* in place?
If forced to evacuate?
If you have to hunker down and stay in place in the event of a crisis?
Have you planned for the future...near future, mid-range and far future?

I realized recently that my own *game plan* was sorely lacking.
"Plan A" was okay, but my mid and long range future plans were a bit on the *fuzzy* side.
Okay, my long term future game plan was WAY fuzzy!

This week, that changes.
I have started a loose-leaf binder and within it's pages--some printed, some hand written--my game plan will come together.

One section will focus on Emergency/Crisis Procedures.
One section on Food Storage.
One section will be my mid range plans.
One section on Long range plans.
I already have a loose leaf binder for First Aid (I strongly suggest everyone have this!) It includes a list of all the first aid supplies I have, how and when to use them, etc.

My long range plans include having a homestead of my very own. I am quite sure of what I want to have, etc.
However, without a concrete plan, it will turn out to be nothing but a pipe dream!
I have the skills and knowledge to live on a homestead and operate it. I have lived and worked on farms before.
Within two weeks, I will have my *game plan* on paper. Having it on paper will help me focus and work towards my goals.

Wish me luck on working on my game plan...and make sure to work on your own!

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