Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New stuff

Look over to the right ----------------->
See the new banner link thingie?
Yeah, that may have to scroll down a bit.
Anyway, this is for a sort of internet "co-op" of homesteaders that sell their products.
Bath and body stuff, home spun yarns and such and home grown goodies!
Some you have to pick up, so check and see if anyone is in your local area.

Now...why would I support them?
Because *they* is *US*.
They are people that are busting their butts to raise their kids, raise their livestock, take care of their gardens, pay their bills.
The products they offer did not come off an assembly line in China.
Their products are the result of hard, heart-felt work and care. Their products have an integrity and dignity you don't find at a *big box* store.
When you support hmesteaders, you support what is becoming the new backbone of our society.
People that aren't afraid to muck out a cow shed or go down to the field at 2 a.m. in a driving rain storm when an ewe is having a rough time birthing.
These ladies are not getting their nails done or angonizing over which shoes to wear to the club. They are getting dirt under their nails, and wondering if they can break the money out of a tight budget to buy some new canning jars.
My kind of people.
If you read this blog, probably your kind of people, too.
If you are a homesteader and need a market for your product...check them out--------->
If you appreciate hand made products and home raised foods, ditto -------------------->
Support homesteaders!

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  1. We're one of the homesteaders listed and want to say THANK YOU! for helping to spread the word and promote buying local or at least made in the USA. Thanks again, your blog post is great!
    Blessings from,
    The Never Done Farm


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