Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Morning!

It's a Happy Thursday here.
The sky is gray and overcast, the temperatures are dropping and we have a slight drizzle.
But, still, a good day!
Although I like doing yard work and being outside, I have been doing so much yard work and upkeep around this place that a day doing inside work is a GOOD thing!
I have some sewing to do, the ever-present cleaning and I am going to try to reorganize my library AND my *survival* notebooks.
I have loads of books.
Some I read purely for entertainment and some for education. Some just make me *think*.
Here's some of the books I recommend:
More Than Moonshine
Home Made in the Kitchen
Quick and Easy Korean Cooking
Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning

Current book thats making me think:
To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrants Face

Novels I have been reading:
Deep Winter
Tomorrow (Beyond Armageddon)

I read a lot. A LOT.
It is absolutely my favorite non-physical thing to do!
I get a lot of information from books. Although I love going online, there is nothing like having a solid book in my greedy paws! If and when TSHTF, having solid books will be priceless! You don't have to bankrupt yourself to buy them, either. Many books can be found online...all they cost is paper and ink!
Massive pdf files you can print down here that are useful:
Survival Books to Download
Foxfire Books 1-6 to download (if you just want those...they are also on the first survival books link)
Military Manuals
Gardening and Self-Sufficiency Books
Just About Everything You'd Ever Need!

Pick and choose carefully to conserve that expensive ink!
Happy Reading and Happy Learning!

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  1. Hum. Great minds think alike. Some of the books you list are also on my list of "get these."


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