Friday, February 5, 2010

Gardening Stuff

Gardening thoughts...
Started seeds today.
Tomatos, bell peppers, other goodies,
I am about to have about half the front yard tilled up (gasp!) to put in a garden.
I know for the lawn junkies out there, this sounds like blasphemy!
Here's the deal:
What good is a lawn?
Can you eat it, sell it, profit from it in any way?
Didn't think so.
So, some pepper plants will go out there, along with tarragon, lavender, chives and basil.
My oregano and rosemary are going in the back yard...where I am also going to till up a fair sized patch for my veggies.
My watermelon patch is probably going in a sunny spot in the side yard.
I won't be able to grow EVERYTHING I need here in town, but I am going to try my best to grow as much as I possibly can!
I strongly suggest everyone get in as big a garden as they possibly can this year.
Indications are that winter wheat crops and other crops that over winter did not do well. Other indications are that the crops from Florida and other areas in the US that normally provide cheap produce are faltering. The cold weather and even snow that hit Florida did not help the citrus crops!
In fact, weather trends for this growing season indicate there will be drastic increases in the prices of many foods, especially fresh produce and meats.
The cost of transportation has gone up. That hamburger meat you buy at your grocery store may have come from 1000 miles away...or more!  Please, if you have a local butcher or small grocer that buys meat from local ranchers, pay a wee bit more and support them! We need to support LOCAL businesses that buy from LOCAL suppliers--not multi-national *box stores* that buy honey from China (that may have contaminants), grapes from Chili (that may be sprayed with pesticides banned in the US), beef from Mexico (which may have been fed hormones and chemicals not allowed in cattle feed in the US) and so on.
Yes. I am talking about the store so many seem to rely on...Wal-Mart. I don't shop there. I discourage others from shopping there. I used to work at one, so I know it from the inside a bit.
If you care about your health, if you care about your community, SHOP LOCAL. Grow as much of your own food as possible.
Now...get those seeds started--if you live where it is time to do so.
Till up those useless lawns.
Get to gardening.
Oh, yeah...and boycott *big box stores*  in favor of local businesses!


  1. I don't have a lawn, but I have a two acre meadow. My wife and I tried to have a garden, but the wild hogs kept coming through the electric fence and what they didn't eat, they spoiled.

  2. Had the same issues when I lived in Montana...except it wasn't wild hogs...but it was damn near every other furry or feathered critter you can name! Mule deer, elk, coyotes (oh dear Lord, coyotes eat ANYTHING), the pheasants that were thick as fleas, ravens (who also LOVED to swipe laundry off the line---especially my undies!)...even caught some beavers gnawing on a few things (we were right beside *their* creek). I was so frustrated! I ended up doing a LOT of container gardening on the screened in porch and hanging gardening from the porch roof outside. The hanging gardens defeated all except the darn ravens and a couple of nibbling elk.
    To grow herbs, I just scattered the seed in the meadow I had on one side of my house and hoped for the best. The chives and oregano did just fine, as did the basil. The tarragon and rosemary never showed up...


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