Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Joys

I am having a lovely time today. I decided some time ago to redecorate my room, but never got around to it, due to all the BS I have to deal with here. my paint, brushes, rollers, etc.

I finally decided on a color scheme.
My walls are going to be a soft gray (called *Silver Sword*), my trim will be bright white and I am painting the fireplace (non-working) jet black. My shelves and such will be jet black as well.
I am going to pick an accent color...maybe spring green for pillows and such, but that will come later.

Nothing really *prepper* about this...except that I will be rearranging my storage here in my room and trying to be more efficient in my use of space.

I think, also, that having your major living areas painted and decorated in a manner that is comfortable to you helps with prepping. You are more relaxed and can focus more on tasks at hand, rather than being distracted by an uncomfortable room.
Also, you can practice skills that will help you later on.
In my case, I will be constructing a closet. I currently do not have one, so this is important to me. I need a safe place to store my firearms, so the closet will have to be sturdy and have a lock.

This also provides me an opportunity to inventory the preps that I keep in my room. I have already discovered I have WAY more flashlights than I thought I did.
Fortunately, I also discovered I have a major league stash of batteries for them...and two battery rechargers.
Still, I need to get all this in my inventory binder, so I do not waste monies buying stuff I already have.
So...I'll be painting for the next couple of days, and came across some terrific food prep recipes that I just gotta share!

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