Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cookbooks, TV and other random stuff

If you have a printer, fire that puppy up!
You might want to stock up on extra ink cartridges first, though!
Go Here:

This site has many, MANY out of print cookbooks.
Some are from the early 1800s, so measurements, and even ingredients are sometimes a confusing thing, lol!
The attitudes of some of the authors can be a bit off-putting...especially cook books written by men but directed toward women and references to foreign born peoples or ethnic groups.

But, the recipes are OUTSTANDING!

On to TV.
I am currently downloading the latest episode of "Survivors", a BBC drama.
It originally came out in the 1970s, right now the 2nd season of the remake is going on.
The premise:
A plague has struck, almost everyone has died. Survivors is the story of those who didn't die in the months afterwards. It is set in England.
The acting, plot lines, stories, characters...everything is wonderfully done!
If you have access to the BBC, watch it. If you can download it, do so.
It is very much TV worth watching!
Movie worth watching:
Book of Eli
Go see this movie.
It is a post apocalyptic movie, but is so well done--it is absolutely brilliant.
I promise you will enjoy it.
For those concerned with such things, there are a few bad words. I think the *F* bomb gets dropped maybe 3 or 4 times (actually not that much for todays movies), but in the context where it is used, not out of line.
Question of the Day:
If right this minute:
All the stores closed down
There was no more gasoline to be had
The government was no longer there to help you...federal, state or local...
You and your family are now ON YOUR OWN
Think about it...think about your pantry, your garden, your livestock, your firearms and ammo, your first aid and hygiene supplies...everything.
Try to sleep well tonight....


  1. Thanks for the tips. I have been printing out a lot from the internet...just in case it goes down and all....

    Did you go to a certain website to download the show?

  2. I use www.thepiratebay.com for my downloads and have Vuze (www.vuze.com) as my download client. They work well together.


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