Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food Storage for One Person from the Grocery Store

I know some people that read this are not on farms where they have ample produce to can and dehydrate.
Some people that read it do not order from one of the many online resources for #10 cans of long term food storage.
Some people do not go to a local LDS cannery for LTS (Long Term Storage).
Some people shop at their local grocery store and think it is nigh near impossible to effectively get a LTS pantry set up.
Here is a good basic list for one person for one month:

Basic Supplies and Needs For 1 Month
For one person, At least 1600 Calories A Day
Shelf Stable Grocery Store Purchased Foods

Canned Meats and/or Fish 16 Cans (5 to 6 oz)
Canned Beans 8 Cans(15 oz)
Canned Vegetables 34 Cans (15 oz)
Canned Fruits 26 Cans (15 oz)
Canned Soups 16 Cans(15 oz)
Canned Individual Meals (Ravioli, etc) 16 Cans
Granola/Protein/Fruit Bars 18 Bars
Peanut Butter 1 Jar
Jelly 1 Jar
Nuts/Trail Mix 2 Lb.s
Dried Fruit 2 lb.s
Crackers 1 box
Canned Juice 2 Gallons
Bottled Water for Drinking 3 Cases of 16 oz bottles
Water for other purposes 30 Gallons
Electrolyte Drinks (Gatorade, etc) 1 Gallon
Bread 3 Loaves
Velveeta Cheese 1 Box
Eggs 3 dozen
Ready To Eat Cereal 2 Boxes
Oatmeal 1 box
Chips 2 Bags
Spaghetti/Pasta/Noodles 2 lb.s
Spaghetti/Pasta Sauce 2 Jars
Pancake Mix 1 Box
Syrup 1/2 Bottle
Honey 1 Jar (pint)
Rice 1 lb.
Milk (fresh/canned/powdered) 4 gallons or equivalent
Candy (Stress Food) 1 Bag
Cookies 2 pkg.
Condiments and Spices As Needed for personal taste
Cake/Brownie Mix 4 pkg.
Pudding/Jello 4 pkg
Bleach 1 gallon
Laundry Detergent 1 box
Bath Soap 4 bars
Toilet Paper 4 rolls
Vitamins 30 Day Supply
Dish detergent 2 bottles

Okay, that is a basic list for one month for one person using 1600 calories as a base, and using shelf stable, non-refrigerated items from the local grocery store.
For 3 months, triple it.

All you have to do is buy an extra item here and there and stock your pantry. Be very aware of expiration dates and *use by* dates. The food does not suddenly self-destruct on that date, but it is a good guide. Your best bet is to buy cans of food that have the further-est out date.
Also, if you print out the list and put it in your pantry or keep it in a notebook or such, you can take advantage of sales when they crop up.

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  1. Great list and love the opening remarks. I'm a single adult of 60 that fits your descriptions above perfectly. It's really hard to find affordable items for food storage. Thank You!


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