Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Thought Post #1

10 Uses for an empty bleach bottle:
Alternative uses for One Gallon Bleach Bottles:

1) Water storage.
2) Storage for dry goods--beans, rice, wheat, etc. Rinse with scalding hot water, make sure they are thoroughly dry, pop in one little O2 absorber, fill half way, drop in another O2 absorber, fill to top, pop in one last O2 absorber.
3) Make into piggy bank. (Use empty thread spools for legs/feet, pieces of felt glued on for ears, pipe cleaner for tail)
4) Cut and make into large scoops. We did this to have big scoops for the kids to play with in the sandbox, my grandmother used one in her flour bin, grandad used one to put corn into the feed buckets.
5) Cut off top, punch a few small holes in bottom (use finishing nails for that) for drainage and use as planting pots to start seedlings.
6) Use top 5 or 6 inches to protect seedlings from late frosts at night. (You can also do this with 2 liter bottles and make mini-greenhouses for cold days)
7) Fill with sand and make weights for physical fitness exercises.
8 ) Fill with sand/small rocks, bundle 3 together (tie together with stout cord) and use as a small anchor.
9) Cut off top, punch holes in either side and attach strong cord...improvised small bucket!
10) Use cut off top for funnel.

There's my top ten uses.

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